conscious closets

Style Transformation with Cynthia 

Pricing available upon request.


(2-3 hours, depending on size of wardrobe)

After a free consultation call, I will meet you at your home for a relaxed chat to discover your personal style, lifestyle, and wardrobe goals. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what this is, I will guide and support you to develop this.

I’ll review your current wardrobe and suggest which items to clear out as will no longer be required in your new vision. I will then reorganize the existing pieces into multi combinations of outfits and create a list of gaps and staple items that will need to be sourced to complete your wardrobe.

I’ll then conduct pre-shopping research to find the items required to fulfil our work thus far.


(2-3 hours)

We will either meet in a private shopping suite in Selfridges, where I’ll have a pre-selected rail of items awaiting your arrival, or I can also conduct the shopping online and come to your home to try the items on and integrate them into your wardrobe.


(2-3 hours)

We will continue creating outfits integrating the new pieces into your existing wardrobe. You will have had the time to wear your outfits to give feedback that directs next steps. It may be undertaking further shopping for items still required to make your wardrobe work, or just continuing to build outfits.

Usually, it is a good time to look in depth at shoes, accessories (handbags, belts, jewellery) and talk about any personal grooming (makeup, nails, hair, etc).

You will have unlimited email/text support if you have any questions. Feel free to send a snapshot of what you are wearing for the day as you piece together new combinations as inspiration comes to you. I love to see how my clients are getting on!
This style transformation package is the starting point in your journey to a conscious closet. Further sessions are required to reach your wardrobe goals each new season, and for special events, etc.

Holiday Wardrobes with Cynthia

Pricing available upon request.

(2-3 hours, depending on length of holiday, and whether I know your closet)

Going away for a week or longer and need the perfectly curated suitcase? I will plan your outfits for your holiday, choosing location appropriate style that effortlessly works with your holiday plans. No more over/underpacking or wasted precious holiday time spent in the shops!

Personal Shopping Services with Cynthia

Pricing available upon request.

(3-5 hours, depending on shops you choose)

Want me to come shopping with you to make sure everything you buy fits and works with your style vision? Need another set of eyes to browse through the racks and another set of arms to carry those shopping bags?

I’ll join you as you frequent your favourite shops, suggesting items I think would work and helping you with the overall shopping process.

Online Personal Shopping Services with Cynthia

Pricing available upon request.

(3 hours + consult)

Can’t be bothered to go out to the shops? Do you prefer to try on your clothes in the comfort of your own home? Let me source you your clothing and I’ll join you in person on online as you try on your latest shopping purchases. 

Special Event Shopping Services with Cynthia

Pricing available upon request.

(3 hours + consult)

Have a special milestone birthday coming up? Attending a special work do and want to make sure your outfit is en pointe, right down to your accessories, hair and makeup? Make sure you have the perfect outfit and look planned so you can literally just show up and party the night away in one of the most memorable outfits you have ever owned. I will make sure we find “the outfit!”

Wedding planning with Cynthia

Pricing available upon request.

(3 – 5 hours + consult)

A wedding is so much more than the dress itself on the day, it’s the outfits for the days and events leading up to and after the wedding day. Let me plan the start of your new married life looking your absolute best – whether it’s meeting the in-laws for pre wedding dinners to gift opening Sunday brunches – all eyes are on you, and we will make sure the looks are perfectly set to celebrate this new chapter in your life.


  •  A complimentary phone call in included with all packages so that I may prepare for our session and allows us to “hit the ground running” with your brief

  • At the moment for “Style Transformation Package” I only do in store appointments at Selfridges, or individual stores in Northwest London such as Trilogy or Iris as there are many brands under one roof to create numerous stylish looks. To choose your own shops, please choose the “Personal Shopping Services” package. For online shopping, I can shop wherever you like.

  • The fee includes 45 min travel from N10. Travel beyond this area is subject to additional costs and will be discussed ahead of the sessions.